Monthly calendar

Monthly calendar

For those who want to try a bit of DIY, in this calendar we point out some work to be done in our geographic area according to the time we are in.

However, we will have to take into account the actual climate, because in recent years we are experiencing continual climate change that in fact changes the beginning and end of seasons.

If you have any queries or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



Cleaning the last leaves of winter leaves the lawn clean


Rose pruning has been completed. Towards the end of the month, if the temperatures was above average, you can already see he first grass cutting, some organic fertilizers are made, and cleaning takes place.


At the beginning of the month the olives and the fruits are cut, the lawn is cut (at least two or three cuts per month until October), the weeds are taken out and we see the flowering of flowerbeds and any plants that have finished flowering


We continue with grass cutting, and we perform chemical fertilization (with fertilizer for scheduled disposal), ornamental plants and meadows, remove the weeds, cleaning treatment begins in gravel areas (which will continue throughout the summer, until September October), the first phyto-pharmacological treatments of hedges and ornamental plants (which may continue until September-October) are initiated if necessary.
A revision of the irrigation system in order to be prepared to face the summer.


Time to go ahead with the grass cutting and the cleaning of the flower beds, and towards the end of the month or early June, we will treat the hedges, and activate the irrigation system if necessary. We must take care of the lawn because from this period to the end of the summer some diseases can manifest. It is good to try to counteract them in time.


We see roses and flowers. Time to do some cleaning under the hedges, and the flower beds. We see the elongated vegetation and decomposition of some ornamental plants.


We continue our cutting, cleaning and grooming of the flowerbeds, and we update the irrigation times according to climatic conditions. Towards the end of the month or beginning of August, the plants and shrubs that have ended their blooms can sprout. The links are tied.


Let's continue with the grass cutting, and we pick up the vegetation of some shrubs if necessary, so as not to compromise their bloom if they still have to flourish; we keep cleaning the flowerbeds


A good time for creating new gardens. Towards the end of the month or early October we have hedges and clean out the undergrowth. If no longer necessary, we will also turn off the irrigation system, or reduce the number of items.


We sprinkle some shrubs that have ended their summer bloom, and we plant new plants and shrubs


We finish pruning, and put down some organic fertilizer, collect the fallen leaves, and probably do the last cutting of the grass; we take care of the fruits just after they've lost the leaves.


We continue cleaning on the ground by picking up the fallen leaves, and arranging the garden for the winter.
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