Maintenance of public and private gardens and green spaces

Il Cerchio Verde, thanks to its well-established experience, is able to offer a professional and accurate service in its maintenance of private and public gardens and green spaces in Lucca and the surrounding area.

Our competence in our field, matured over the years, and our continuous updates of new methodology in the green space maintenance sector has rendered us a company that always fulfils every client’s wishes to the highest level of satisfaction. We offer services in:

• garden planning and construction

• sprinkler and lighting systems

• high-quality tree and hedge trimming

• regular maintenance

• phytosanitary treatment

• grass cutting

• fertilisation

• plant care

Public and private green space maintenance projects:

Garden planning

Il Cerchio Verde’s team is composed of professionals, specialising in the planning, creation and maintenance of gardens and parks, large and small green spaces both public and private.

We follow all planning phases, right up to completed construction, with a professionalism and competence that has distinguished us for years in the district of Lucca and its surrounding areas.

Every garden created by Il Cerchio Verde is a unique project, designed specifically for the client based on their wishes, their tastes and on the space available, aiming to achieve an outside environment that harmonises with all the elements that surround it.

We create traditional, contemporary, functional and innovative gardens, all with a grand aesthetic and visual impact, paying particular attention to the wishes of the client, and always trying to achieve this as best as possible: their satisfaction is, for us, the primary goal to be attained.

Our gardens

Terrace planning

A terrace can be transformed into a living garden, a pleasant place where you can relax, and enjoy nature away from the chaos, even in the city. This suspended greenery has the advantage of extending your home and, thanks to the modern technology used in these gardens, your terrace can become a significant architectural statement.
Through the use of different elements such as carefully designed flower boxes, plant pots, pergolas, paved areas and gazebos, the terrace can become an integral part of the architecture, transforming itself into a more liveable environment, with many functional and economic advantages, thanks to the minimal rain water wastage, its water resistance, and the acoustic isolation from any bars or houses below.

Pond planning

Artificial ponds are an extremely charming element of any green space, as they enrich the natural beauty of your garden. Il Cerchio Verde creates artificial ponds in Lucca and the entire surrounding area, using geometric or more natural designs based on the planning guidelines and on their function. Our team of professional experts, after having carried out an inspection, concern themselves with the design, construction and installation of the water systems and of the immediate surrounding area, that will have to integrate with this water system in order to make the landscape well-harmonised.
Il Cerchio Verde guarantees a uniquely beautiful result, where every element, such as the trees, water, plants and flowers, live together in an aesthetically charming sense of harmony, both from an architectural and a natural point of view.

Walls and small building works

Il Cerchio Verde aims to offer its clients a 360° service, concerning not only the planning and restoration of gardens, but also the construction of small building works and extras such as drywall, stone walls, steps, staircases, walkways and pavements for outside. Every structure will be built to measure, based on the client’s requirements and tastes, and on the style of the garden. These small walls are often essential, serving as borders for flowerbeds and playgrounds, making your garden appear more organised and tidy – similarly to the construction of green walkways, small sets of stairs, and water fountains. Il Cerchio Verde uses traditional materials, such as earthenware and stone, and newer industrial materials with fantastic features and affordable prices.

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